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Classic Country & Western Music

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wrongeyedjesus @ 03:51 pm: Split Lip Fans?
(i know Split Lip Rayfield is not considered "classic country". but i thought some fans might be hiding in this community?)

for any of you who are Split Lip Rayfield fans, i'm sorry to say that Kirk Rundstrom passed away last night. he was 39 years old.

i know that here in Wichita, he will be sorely missed. i had the pleasure of talking to him a few times, and even camping out right next to him and his lovely family at the Walnut Valley Festival this past year. he always seemed like such a bright shining spirit and it's hard to imagine how the Wichita music scene will go on without him.

for anyone who is interested, there will be a memorial service for Kirk on Monday at 1 pm at the Orpheum Theatre in Wichita.i hope you can join us.


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